June 2016

23-25: 4ème Colloque International de Langue Française sur le TDA/H more info here

18: BBC General Assembly 10:30 University Foundation with Prof. Paul BOON, UGent as keynote speaker

11: SRMMB meeting: Souffrance psychique intolérable et euthanasie - see program here

4: BELGIAN PAIN SOCIETY: Annual scientific meeting - see program here

May 2016

May 25: 2nd NBCs (National Brain Councils) Academia, University Foundation. Registration here and program here

Aidants Proches: BBC is supporting the open letter to Maggie De Block

April 2016

April 30: Cefaly prize (fr, nl , en)

April 16: Allocation of 4 Units by the Pharmacists APB-OPHACO to our 6th BBCongress (more details here

April 11: Launch of Policy Recommendations on Drug Resistant Epilepsy at the Federal Parliament - Conclusions in Dutch, French, and pictures(1, 2)

Paul Arteel and Roland Pochet from BBC are amongst the 46 senior contributors who participated in the writing of the consensus article The need to expand Brain research in Europe see full article here

March 2016: BAW

14-17: BBC participates at the BAW (Brain Awareness Week) see registered activities here

Introduction (Pr. Jean Schoenen) - video

Dissection du cerveau (Pr. Rachelle Franzen) - video non disponible

Cannabis (Pr. Corinne Charlier) - video

Perturbateurs endocriniens (Pr. A.S. Parent) - video

Migraines (Pr. Jean Schoenen) - video

BAW at the European Parlement - pictures